Tuesday, 18 January 2011

'Papillon' Greetings Cards

I was shopping in Taunton with my Mum yesterday and was very pleased to come across some of my card designs in the shops.  I was especially pleased to see 3 of my designs in 'Boots'!! I just had to take a picture!!

This is a design I did for a range called 'Papillon' by Paperclip Cards.  I designed 8 cards to replenish an existing range that was originally designed by my very talented work colleague Kim Anderson.  The horse carousel design is my favourite out of the 8 so it was great to see it among the other cards at Boots.

6 of my designs for the 'Papillon' range.

I also designed some Christmas cards within this range for the Dutch market. Here are my 3 favourites.

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  1. wow! this is super! what is interesting, you made a card witha heart))) i bought it in the shop for my boyfriend)))

    Are these cards are handmade, or you printed them some where?)))