Saturday, 8 January 2011


I'm very close to having baby now (due date is 20th January) and I'm definitely feeling the nesting instinct kicking in.  I've mainly been cleaning random areas and bits around my house that I've never noticed in the 2 years I've lived here (the airing cupboard, the washing machine drawer) but I have also been doing a few bits and bobs for the nursery so I thought I'd share one of them with you now and then I'll try my best to post some other nursery bits soon!

Twit Twoooo book end.

This is Twit Twoooo, a bookend I made a while ago based on a previous 'owl experiment'.  I had a little bit of help from my mum when it came to sewing him together on the machine (I don't have the skills when it comes to using a sewing machine!!).  He is made from old bits of scrap material, felt for his feet and beak and buttons for his eyes and wing joints.  He's filled with rice to make him heavy enough to keep the books standing.  I'm really pleased with him and he fits very well in the nursery.
Thought he tied in nicely with my current 'nesting' stage.


  1. Very best of luck for the twentieth!! That is a very enviable bookend! x

  2. Very cute owl! He almost looks like he's going to blink and say something clever like "I can't seem to find my copy of Pride and Prejudice in my shelve, any idea where it can be?" Lucky baby of yours who will be spoilt with your great creations! Hope you're well! x