Tuesday, 30 August 2011

For Poppy

I went to a very special Christening on Sunday.  It was for a little girl called Poppy who has made quite an impression on my little man Max over the past 7 months!  Poppy's mum Catharine has quickly become a very good friend of mine since our babies arrival within 3 days of each other.  We met at NCT classes when our babies were just bumps and we, along with 7 other new mummies have formed a really special friendship while experiencing the many new and rewarding challenges that motherhood brings.  
Poppy's Christening gave me an excuse to make a special gift for her and her mummy, a gift that I hope they will treasure.  
I used photos of Poppy and some fitting bits of music sheets including 'eyes o blue' and 'a smile for me' which seemed to sit really well surrounded by all the beautiful smiling pictures of Poppy!  I'm really pleased with how the frame turned out and I hope that they like it too.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of Poppy's super cute shoes on her Christening day and decided to use the picture to make a personal gift tag.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

In with the Old

I've recently re decorated my work space at home to try and brighten it up and make it a more inspiring place.  As part of my re vamp I put together a mood board to display on the wall...the idea being that I'll constantly be updating and replacing this mood board to keep me inspired and excited.
At the moment the mood board is based around old treasures and I titled it 'In with the Old'
My mood board includes old photos, postcards and stamps that I've found in car boot sales and antique shops.
Above- My finished mood board on the wall in my new work space (this is the tidy half of the room, the other side is far more messy and colourful!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Little pieces of art

Here'a a couple of images I created using just some of my many hoards of treasures and bits and bobs.  It was really nice to get all the old bits of jewellery I've collected over the years out, I didn't realise I had so much (mainly thanks to my nan's costume jewellery collection).  I also love the old vintage sewing accessories, especially the old tape measure and needle packets! I feel the scrabble letters fit in well with the feel of the images, giving an overall feel of attic finds and shabby chic treasures!

 I entered these photos in to the 'Tigerprint' female photography competition and my 'Wonderful Treasures' image got to the final 24!! Not bad :)

Farrant Art Prints

As I'm sure I've mentioned before my partner is a very talented painter, as is his father David.  They have just launched a website (designed by Jim's sister..very talented family all round!) promoting and selling high quality giclee prints of some of their wonderful work.  Take a look at Farrant Art!

45 cm x 48 cm (number in edition 195)

50 cm x 54 cm (number in edition 95)

The top painting paddling features our nutty Cocker Spaniel Rocket and the bottom painting is me!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Box Frame Art

I recently painted my new work space bright white in order to make it as light as possible.  I wanted to break up that white with interesting pieces on the wall.  Last summer I collected quite a few box frames from car boot sales but was yet to put them to good use...until a couple of weeks ago when I finally got some super glue and made some funky pieces of art.
 Above:- Using some old rusty keys bought from a car boot sale for 30p each!
 Above:- I have sooooo many buttons, I thought it would be nice to display some of the more
 interesting ones within this long box frame.
And here's my 'Art Wall' so far!!