Sunday, 28 March 2010

Car Boot sale season is here!!!

I went to my first car boot sale of 2010 this morning but I was left feeling very dissapointed.  There were only 2 rows of cars selling so there really wasn't much to search through.  I did find these very cute tins for 25p each and a box frame which I will spruce up and use for something but compared to my usual car boot experiences this really was not a good one.  I am a complete car boot fan and in the past 5 years I have found some real treasures and bargains.  I thought I would share some of the bigger pieces I have found and put to good use in my house.

Above Left : Bedside table- only £1, Jug - 50p 
 Above Right : Ottaman - £3.50 (Re-covered) , Rose quilt - free (given to me by Jim's mum), Mirror - £1

The above mirror was a bit worse for wear when I bought it from a car boot sale last summer for £2.50.  It was a horrible purple colour but I could see potential in the lovely carved rose pattern and the practical 3 mirrored design.  I sanded it down, cleaned it and then re painted it in an off white paint.  It looks great in my bedroom on top of my drawers.  I've hung a selection of necklaces on it too to make it feel more vintage.

Fingers crossed for the next car boot I visit, the ones over easter weekend are usually very good so I hope to pick up some more treasures then!!

Happy Birthday Rocket

It was Rocket's 1st Birthday yesterday and along with the treats, the dog beer and the extra cuddles he got I made him (or maybe it was more for me) a 'Rocket' name sign for "his area".  I'd collected letters over the past year and have only recently got around to covering them with bits of wallpaper.  The letters themselves were very cheap, priced between 49p and £1.00 each and the wallpaper was completely free as I collected lots of sample bits from B&Q and Homebase.  I'm really pleased with the result and it really defines his space.  The board where the letters are positioned is a rather handy hook board so I have hung his leads underneath.  I also made a quick heart lavender bag to hang underneath too, not only to look pretty, but to make his space smell a little less doggy!!  The sign that I found from PDSA charity shop really fits in well...I think it's fair to say he really is one very spoilt dog!

Happy Birthday Rocket!! x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Russian Doll Lavender Bags

It took me a while but here are almost all of my finished Russian Doll Lavender bags.  I've got two more to do but I wanted to post these asap.  

They are made using a mixture of vintage, recycled and new fabrics and they are stuffed with beautiful fragrant french lavender.  Each is hand stitched with a felt and button flower attachment.  Each doll is approximately 15cm tall.  If you are interested in buying one they are £8 each, please contact me.