Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tape measure...check, Scissors..check, Material....check

I like to think I am a sewing genious waiting to happen.  I am completely ready for it to happen.  My house is filled with craft supplies....buttons, pins and needles, ribbon, stuffing, bits of material, threads, sequins, more material!!  

A few of my supplies!

I was given a fabulous Cath Kidston sewing tin for Christmas filled with wonderful vintage sewing equipment.  So it seems it's not just me who thinks I have this potential.

This is my sewing box.  I bought it from a reclamation centre in Honiton for £2.50.  I could see it's potential straight away.  With a few coats of paint and a recovered cushion (material from a car boot sale) I reinvented the sad little box in to a sewing box that I believe I'll be using for years to come.  

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