Thursday, 29 September 2011

Salt dough foot and hand prints

A couple of weeks ago I had a go at doing some salt dough footprints and handprints of Max's teeny tiny gorgeous feet and hands.  It took a couple of attempts to get a really nice dough but the one I found to be best was the one with a higher amount of salt than flour.  
Here's the recipe:-
Mix 240g flour and 300g salt, gradually add up to 240ml of water.  Don't make it too wet!!
Here's what to do:-
Take a chunk of the mixture and roll it around in a bit of flour to get a really nice consistency, you don't want it to be sticky or it will stick to the baby's hand or foot. Mould in to the desired shape leaving it quite thick allowing for the imprint of the hand or foot.  Find a lovely little baby foot or hand (some babies won't let you do a hand print and will just grab the dough!) and push the foot or hand in to the dough.  I then cut around a lid of a cream cheese tub to get a nice shape (it's a good size for a babies foot)  Then if you'd like to hang your footprint use a drinking straw to push out one or two holes at the top of your plaque.  I then added Max's name around the edge of the dough shape using stamping letters and they show up really nicely.  When you're happy with your plaque you then have to leave it to dry which can take some time.  Either put it in the oven on a low heat (50oc) for a few hours or leave out in the sun as much as you conservatory was a good place for drying!

When they were finally dry I then varnished them with a matt furniture varnish which didn't change the colour of them and just finished them off nicely and adds a protection that will stop then going mouldy over time.  I then tied a blue ribbon through the holes to allow me to hang them somewhere in the house...where is yet to be decided!

 Above and below: All dried, varnished and presented with ribbon ready to hang.
 I also did footprints of the babies in my NCT group!
Above:- Footprints of all the NCT babies

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