Saturday, 3 September 2011

Jungle Canvas

I've finally finished the jungle canvas in Max's nursery, a project that I started when I was 6 months pregnant!!!! It's been hanging in the nursery un finished for the past 7 months since Max's arrival and every time I looked at it I felt bad for having not finished it, SO, a couple of evenings staying up until 2am and I did it!! Hurray!! 
Above:- Finally Finished!! Jungle canvas painted with acrylic paints and layered with a collage of papers to create the leaves and grass.

 Max has always been very interested in the canvas.  He loves to touch it and always smiles when I hold him near it.  I talk him through all the animals and tell him what noises they all make (although I get a little stuck when I get to the giraffe!) which always gets him laughing.
 The nursery has a  jungle theme and the canvas really is the centre piece. Max is also building a very nice little collection of jungle animal soft toys!
Above:- Max's Jungle room.

Now, what to do next ;o)

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