Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Little pieces of art

Here'a a couple of images I created using just some of my many hoards of treasures and bits and bobs.  It was really nice to get all the old bits of jewellery I've collected over the years out, I didn't realise I had so much (mainly thanks to my nan's costume jewellery collection).  I also love the old vintage sewing accessories, especially the old tape measure and needle packets! I feel the scrabble letters fit in well with the feel of the images, giving an overall feel of attic finds and shabby chic treasures!

 I entered these photos in to the 'Tigerprint' female photography competition and my 'Wonderful Treasures' image got to the final 24!! Not bad :)


  1. Love these Susie!! They are gorgeous. I want to see more!They would make great book covers.