Thursday, 29 July 2010

Baby baby

I've been a very lazy blogger over the past 3 months but I have a good excuse...I've been making something very special but that little something has unfortunately made me very tired and unmotivated to do any of my crafty projects.

Yes, I've been growing a baby!
I'm beginning my 2nd trimester and I'm just starting to feel normal again so will aim to get back to being a crafty blogger ASAP...but don't be surprised if my future blogs are some what baby related!!

1 comment:

  1. I would like to blame the fact that I have a baby for the fact that I have only just read this post...
    (babies are useful excuses for not getting round to doing all manner of things!)
    CONGRATS to you - I hope you are feeling well and you are not too exhausted!

    Before I had Jet, I had high hopes of doing all sorts of lovely crafty baby whatnots - but for me, pregnancy seemed to mean a complete lack of motivation for most things (other than eating and a few ernest days decorating the nursery!). I have since managed to knit half a squirrel and the little bean is going to be one next month - BAH!

    Good luck with it all - I look forward to seeing some wonderous baby things on here at some point - and if you can't manage that, just a pic of the little squeaker when they arrive would be lovely! :)