Saturday, 24 April 2010

New 'Cherry Blossom' & 'Jellytot' cards from Paperclip Cards!!

Yesterday I saw for the first time my new card designs for the ranges 'Jellytot' and 'Cherry Blossom' since they came back from being printed.  I designed 8 new cards for both ranges.
I'm really pleased with them.  I did the orignal artwork for them a year ago so it's great to see them after waiting so long.  It's always so nice to see the final product with all the lovely finishes, foils and sparkly bits.  

Here is my favourite design from 'Jellytot', inspired by a trip to the 'Country Living' Spring Fair last year.   Jellytot  has a round front page with glitter, emboss, a pad on and gems.

Here is my favourite new design from 'Cherry Blossom' inspired by my cake making sister Jenny aka 'The Cheltenham Cake Fairy' . ' Cherry Blossom' is embossed, has pearl varnish and gold foil with a die cut text box and rounded corner and finished with sparkly gems.

These cards are all published by 'Paperclip Cards ' and hopefully will be in a shop near you soon!!!

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  1. WOW! Major card Mogul! The cards are lovely, I wish you every success. As Del Boy would say, "This time next year... We'll be millionaires!"

    Natalie x